Train like a pro without having to be one

What is Fighter Fit?

Fighter Fit was created for everyone that wants to take their fitness to another level.

This program is for the person trying to shed some pounds or tone and build muscle all the way to the professional athlete trying to prepare for their next event.

how we started

Paul and Jackie opened up Dynamic Karate out of their little garage in 1995. The school grew very quickly, and soon after, they opened up their first commercial facility in 1996 teaching karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA. In 2003, Paul put together a class to get his MMA fighters in the best shape they could be in for competition. After seeing the success of the class, Paul decided to open it up to the public. Blending his many years of teaching martial arts and fitness with his boxing experience and success as a MMA coach, the Fighter Fit class took off and quickly became one of the most popular fitness classes in the Modesto area. In 2005 Paul and Jackie opened one of the first large multi-training facilities in the Central Valley, which quickly grew to 250 students. In 2010, they expanded again to open up one of the largest MMA and Fitness training centers in Northern California. In 2020, after many years of teaching karate, coaching pro and amateur MMA fighters and running a large training gym, Paul and Jackie have decided to focus all of their attention into building their Fighter Fit brand. With intentions of soon opening more locations around California, Paul and Jackie look forward to sharing this exciting program with you!

The workout

This program is designed to give you a complete full body workout at the same time teaching you the basics of boxing and kickboxing. The class consists of a power building heavy bag workout followed by energized calisthenic routine that utilizes some basic exercises like push ups, squats and burpees. We have included functional strength training that will use dumbbells, slam balls, kettlebells and sandbags to give you the ultimate full body workout. With this program you can forget about having any other gym membership. You’ll get everything you need to improve your fitness in one class.

The Fighter Fit program was designed after what real professional fighters do to get in shape to give you an authentic boxing/kickboxing workout you can do at your own pace. You don’t have to have any experience in the sport to enjoy the class. Our professional staff will walk you through all the basics and make it easy for someone who never put on gloves to jump right in.

What To Expect

Each Fighter Fit class is about 50-55 minutes, consisting of a short warm up and stretch followed by a 3-5 minute round heavy bag workout. Following the bag work, there is a 3-5 minute calisthenic and weight training workout. During the calisthenic work, you can expect to do exercises such as push ups, squats and burpees. The weight training work often consists of dumbbells, barbells, slam ball, sand bag or kettlebells. This routine will be done for 3-4 rounds, giving you a great full body workout. Each Fighter Fit class will end with an ab and core workout, before finishing off with a short cool down stretch. All of our exercises can be modified to meet your fitness level.